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ImproWare IP based wormlist Change language:    

This list contains all IP-adresses from catched worm/viruses over the last three days.
The list is updated in realtime, the textfiles below may have up to 15 minutes delay.

We try hard to avoid to list generic mailservers.

How to use the wormlist with SA3
header          RCVD_IN_IMP_WORMLIST eval:check_rbl('wormrbl', '', '')
describe        RCVD_IN_IMP_WORMLIST Listed in
tflags          RCVD_IN_IMP_WORMLIST net
score           RCVD_IN_IMP_WORMLIST 0.100

Sendmail m4 macro to block the worm senders on your sendmail server
FEATURE(`enhdnsbl', `', `451 tempfail - see
	$&{client_addr} is infected with a virus or worm !', `t', `')

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